Things I Hate!

Battle bots

1.Vlad The Impaler

I cannot stand Vlad because he is too strong. I could beat him if I tried, but he is VERY good and it would be close. By the way in case the people that made Vlad sees this... no offense.


Ginsu is just stupid thats all there is too it! He has metal blades for "wheels", and he is just a box! I hate ginsu!

3.Evil Fishtank

Evil fishtank is.. is... is.. EVIL! he can pick himself up if he gets turned upside down easily. I couldn't beat him, he would just do a crud load of damage to my 'bot.

4.Rammstien He is a stupid box that has a spike that can't even penetrate a rubber tire.

5.Chin Killa HE DID NOT BREAK THE STUPID HAMMER!! Sorry. But Chin killa claimed to break the huge hammer in the Battlebot arena, when Snake really did. If your out there Jay Leno... I HATE YOUR DUMB CHIN KILLA, AND IF YOU ARE IN COMBAT WHILE I JOIN BATTLEBOTS, "THE BUG" WILL KICK YOUR ASS! Sorry. NOT TO YOU JAY LENO! Only to the good people at home.

6.There is no six.


1.No one

God tells us to love everyone so I do. Don't take this the wrong way... Im not transexual I just do what the Bible tells me too!

Well thats it!

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