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Hello. As you should know by now, I am building my own Battlebot. I am about to make all of you people out there, a great deal! If you send me ANY amount of money (greater than a 1.00) I will send you a letter written by ME! Think about that... Someday when I rule the battlebot empire, YOU have a peice of history. Plus it will be worth a lot! If you send 10.00 I'll send you a game I made MYSELF and a letter. If you send anymore than 15.00 Ill send a photo of me, a letter, a game, and.. YOU will become my very pesonal pen pal with a new letter every month. PLUS a drawing of "The Bug" (Reminding you that, you cannot EVER steal the design.) And Finally of you send me 50.00 Ill bring all of these things to you house MYSELF. (Only if you live in Southern Ohio, OR Northern Kentucky.)If you dont live in either areas, I'll send you 2 computer games instead of one, a photo of me, a drawing of "The Bug" and a letter every month. -Thank You

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