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I love this card. It helps me make my deck sweet.

I love Kor Haven. It is my favorite land. Without it... my deck would still kick major butt.

This card is the best wall. You may be thinking "whats the big deal!" Well, the big deal is, hook it up with Invioability (below this card) and, POOF! Its invincible. Sorry that my cards are not visible to the lot of you. This wall is wall of glare and it blocks any amount of creatures.

This is an awsome, huh? for only 1 colorless and 1 white mana you can have an invincible creature. PLUS! It's common, so I can buy my limit of these cards and Im unbeatable. Sorry that my card is not visible to the lot of you. the card says... target creature recives no damage.

This is my favorite card in the world! Without Teferi's Moat I would be screwed. Too bad I only have one. Sorry that this card is not visible to the lot of you. Teferis moat says, as you play Teferi's moat choose a color. Any creature with that color cannot attack you without flying.